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I have completed an Adoption Application, a WUWF representative has visited my home, and it is my desire to adopt the following dog(s) from Waiting Under the Willow Foundation (WUWF Rescue)

Prior to execution of the Adoption Contract and payment of the Adoption Fee, and in order to properly ascertain if Dog(s) will be a good fit for me and my family / household, Waiting Under the Willow Foundation is allowing the above Dog(s) to spend time at my place of residence as indicated here.

At the end of this time period, a WUWF representative will pick up the Dog(s). If it is determined by all parties, including WUWF, that Dog(s) is/are a good fit and I wish to adopt the above Dog(s), I will pay the Adoption Fee, sign the Adoption Contract, and the above Dog(s) will be brought to me or I will pick up the Dog(s).

During the trial period, I will feed the Dog(s) good quality dog food twice per day (morning and evening), and have water available at all times.

It is my responsibility to “dog-proof” my home by properly protecting it with puppy pads, protecting furniture and electrical wiring or any areas of concern from chewing, particularly with a puppy. I agree to keep the provided collar and WUWF identification tag on the Dog(s) at all times and will walk the Dog several times per day.

When outside of the house (unless in fully fenced-in yard) or on walks, the Dog will be on a leash at all times. If I have a fully fenced in yard in which the Dog can play, I will let the Dog out several times per day and walk the Dog at least once or twice/day.

Asphalt, decks, artificial turf, and certain stones or painted surfaces can reach temperatures MUCH higher than surrounding air temperatures, some up to 180 degrees Fahrenheit. Try to walk Dog(s) during cooler periods of the day. (Test temperatures of surfaced walked on using the the back of your hand pressed to the surface for 3 seconds.) General rule of thumb: if it’s too hot for you to walk barefoot, it’s too hot for the dog.

If Dog(s) has/have recently been spayed or neutered, I will keep the cone on and ensure the Dog(s) does/do not get too excited or run or jump in a manner which might pull on stiches.

If I have another pet in the house, I will take several days to introduce the Dog(s) to my other pet(s) and will NEVER leave the Dog(s) alone or unattended in the house with my other pets unless they are in locked separate rooms or in a crate.

I will supervise young children at all times if they are around the Dog(s) and ensure they do not hit the Dog(s), pet too hard or otherwise antagonize the Dog(s), regardless of however innocent or unintentional.

I will ensure NO ONE places their face close to the Dog(s)’ face and strangers/visitors always ask before petting.

Should ANYTHING of concern happen to these Dog(s): illness, lethargy, voming, diarrhea, fighting or agitation with another pet or family member, or should the animal get loose, I agree to IMMEDIATELY contact a WUWF representative via text AND email AND follow up with a phone call.

I agree to indemnify and hold WUWF harmless from any and all liabilities to me, my guests, invitees or any other party for any claims, legal actions, injuries, losses, damages, costs, expenses, liabilities, lawsuits or judgments whatsoever in connection with this short term trial visit of Dog(s).